Real Time Monitoring

Introducing the Concession Follow App – our proprietary technological innovation

Each Concession Client is given full insight into the progress of the project. We are the first ones in the market to offer a project management and service system that presents real-time data. Simply scan the QR codes and receive authorization to view information on the ongoing implementation.

The Concession Follow App tool is based on the data obtained from the entire production process and makes it available to the Client in a clear way, allowing them to keep abreast of the project’s progress.

Contemporary technological trends, especially those related to Industry 4.0, imply at least a two-way development of manufacturing companies – on the one hand related to automation and robotization of processes and on the other hand to the use of advanced information technologies. Increasingly, the appropriate use of data and information through properly selected systems that support the management of companies is the source of both global and regional competitive advantages. Hence, of particular interest in the manufacturing industry are systems such as MES, CRM or ERP that facilitate the production management, client relations and support vital decision-making.
At Concession Europe, the process of digital transformation began in 2012 with an investment in the first numerical control machines and continues uninterrupted to this day.

While in typical systems, insight into the progress of a project generally ends with information about the readiness of the goods and their shipment, the Concession Follow App enables management and insight into the project, covering the stages from the preparation of workshop documentation, through production to the assembly process and final acceptance. It is also an excellent tool to support after-sales service and possible complaint activities.At Concession Europe, the process of digital transformation began in 2012 with an investment in the first numerical control machines and continues uninterrupted to this day.

The decision to create a proprietary system made it possible to take into account the information needs of all participants in the design process. With the Concession Follow App, both implementation teams of the company and the Clients can get information about the progress of the work at any time, make comments as well as approvals.

Access to the system is granted to all authorized recipients after prior authorization. Logging into the system is also possible from mobile devices (without the need to install an app on the device) and all data are processed in real time. In addition to the typical functionality to ensure security and regulate access to data, the Concession Follow App system enables to:

  • Access visualization, detailed design and the most up-to-date production-ready drawings
  • View the current production status of each item along with the percentage of completion progress
  • View the current status of the order assembly, percentage assessment of the work progress
  • Enter comments (alerts), photos, corrections that reach target recipients in real time
  • Scan one’s own location on the space plan (via location snags)
  • Perform internal and final acceptance procedures and generate reports on the work in progress
  • Call up current progress of work through individual QR codes on each floor and for the entire project
  • Complaints and calling the service

How does this work in practice?

Scan the code in the implementation space of a given project (1 code corresponds to 1 item from the order specification). The Concession Follow App system will display a site plan of the entire project and details of that particular item. You can also log into the system bypassing QR codes – from any device, anywhere, anytime.

What previews does the Concession Follow App offer?

Site plan with a list of individual built- ins and furniture. For ease of use, colour coding was used to easily find the various elements of the project.

Preview the progress of the work –
from design to installation. In addition, in this view it is possible to attach photos, so it is an excellent space for documenting the progress of the work.

The system allows for viewing the design documentation – 2D visualization and technical drawings of any element of the project

Using the Concession Follow App, you can make notifications for specific elements of the project in an extremely convenient and fast way. Do you have a question, something has raised your concerns? Click on “Add Notification” and contact the Concession team in a few seconds.

Once the project is completed, you will find in the system an acceptance report and a set of information and documents related to the warranty.